Coaching Tennis DVD: The Backhand


This superb DVD tells you in simple, graphic terms how to improve all types of backhand shots.

Chapter List:

Introduction by David Sammel

Extra features:

01. Racket head speed
02. Racket head speed mixed drill
03. Racket head speed midcourt ball drill
04. Racket face control drill
05. The hoop: Tool to help with spin

Overview: Recapping points raised in the forehand

01. Grip: Single hand backhand
02. Swing: Single hand backhand
03. Contact point, flat face and water level
04. Putting it together: Single hand backhand
05. Grip: Two handed backhand
06. Swing: Two handed backhand
07. Contact point, flat face and water level
08. Putting it together: two handed backhand
09. Grip: Slice backhand
10. Swing: Slice backhand
11. Contact point, racket face and water level
12. In action: Slice backhand
13. Hitting the low ball: Low slice backhand
14. Performance factors

Last word by David Sammel in studio

Total Running time: 71 minutOur

Price: £19.99



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