Will the weight of expectation fuel or hinder Jerzy Janowicz in 2013?

Jerzy is easier to say and write than Janowicz, so I will constantly refer to Jerzy. Right now their is a warm glow under that Jerzy after his meteoric rise in rankings and status after Paris. My experience tells me that most players suffer a drop in form after a massive jump because human nature wants and expects a certain level of play to be automatic going forward but the reality is the struggle to win each match whether playing well or something in the game is not quite firing remains. Keeping the same intensity and fight that gets a player to break through is a rare feat.

Usually there is a dip for a few months up to a year before the player creates a new equilibrium and gets used to their new position in tennis. A few disappear back down the rankings as their mind cannot accept that they belong, but most regroup and come again and because they know what to expect and are more relaxed they can sustain a run for the top of the game.

What path will Jerzy take? The first run of tournaments into the Aussie Open will give us the clues. He has weapons and plays up the court and likes to experiment with dropshots and different spins.

I hope he builds on Paris as he certainly will be an interesting addition to the top 10, which he is capable of reaching quickly. 

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