Coaching Tennis DVD: Tennis Foundation Drills


A powerful DVD that teaches the basic principles of modern tennis and helps you improve your forehand and movement.  

Chapter List:

Introduction by David Sammel
Overview: Recapping points raised in the forehand
01. Using the video
02. Holding the racket
03. The shape of modern tennis
04. Jogging and swinging
05. Contact with the ball
06. The racket face
07. The water level
08. Moving to a forehand
09. The forehand in action
10. Make space for the swing
Last word by David Sammel in studio

Extra features:

01. Racket head speed
02. Racket head speed mixed drill
03. Racket head speed midcourt ball drill
04. The hoop: Tool to help with spin

Total Running time: 54 minutes

Price: £14.99



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