Upcoming Grand Slam Tennis

With the French Open and the US Open having just taken place, and being filled with excitement and drama, you are probably wondering when the upcoming Grand Slam tennis will be. There is no more Grand Slam tennis this year, with Wimbledon being cancelled for the first time since 1945.

The younger generation of players, or the NextGen as they are referred to will be raring to go for the next Grand Slam which will be the Australian Open in January of next year. Dominic Thiem emerged as champion of the US Open in September, which was not just his first Grand Slam, it was also the first Grand Slam won by someone other than Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal since 2016.

The reign of the Big Three is probably not over however, as the stars aligned for Thiem to win. Nadal and Federer did not participate, and Djokovic was disqualified for hitting a ball at a line judge. Furthermore, Nadal was as dominating as ever at the French Open, winning his thirteenth Roland Garros.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is probably the most open out of any of the Grand Slams, with any player capable of winning it. Despite this, it has only been won by one player outside of the Big Three since 2005, which was Stanislas Wawrinka in 2014. Nadal has only won the competition once, so he will be keen to double his tally of Australian Opens.

Federer probably does not have long left in his career as he turned 39 in August, and most of the tennis world would love to see him win one last Grand Slam. His career is probably the best of all time and he is definitely the most liked tennis player of all time, so for him to retire after winning a Grand Slam would be not just magical, but fitting for a player of his quality and sportsmanship.

Thiem is a player that will be keen to build on his recent successes, reaching the French Open final and winning the US Open. The player does not have clear weaknesses although he does lose his head sometimes, but he is an impressive player.

Daniil Medvedev is also someone who has something to prove in 2021 and many tennis betting sites like www.findbettingsites.co.uk have him as one of the favourites. His highlight of his career so far was definitely his run in the 2019 US Open, where he continued to win five set thrillers even despite the crowd largely booing him. In fact, he won over the hostile crowd by showing incredible levels of determination and resilience that carried him all the way to the final, but it did not end up being enough. It will have been valuable experience for the Russian, and he will know what it is like to be in a Grand Slam final if he can manage to make it again.

After the Australian Open, the French Open will take place in May of 2021. Even at this point, it is difficult to see any other victor than Rafael Nadal, who is undeniably the greatest clay player of all time. His record at Roland Garros is ridiculous, having won over 100 matches and only lost 2. The bookmakers almost have him at evens to win now, showing his supremacy in Paris.

Next will be Wimbledon, held from the end of June 2021. Djokovic is the defending champion, and he will be feeling confident that he can add a sixth Wimbeldon title to his trophy cabinet. Finally, the US Open will take place from September onwards, as Thiem tries to defend his title.

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