Djokovic: "World Group should be once a year"

World No 1 Novak Djokovic said that Davis Cup comes at wrong timing and that it should be organised once a year.

"This is the only official team competition we have in sport and that is the reason why it has a unique place in our career," he said. "Unfortunately, it comes at a very bad timing. Right after Australia, right after U.S. Open, right after Miami. It comes after a very long period of tournaments, and most of the top players reach the final stages of those tournaments."

Djokovic thinks a set period of the year should be cleared for it.

"One of my ideas is to have two weeks say, once per year, or once every two years, at least for the world group, that can gather 16 teams," he said. "Then everybody competes, you know, during those two weeks and then you have the final four or something like that."

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