Hit Better Backhands like Andy Murray

Andy Murray’s two-hander is world class – consistent, powerful and with variety. Dave Sammel delves deeper.

1. Andy sets up with slightly more weight on his back (left) leg than his front (right). His racket is already back early so he has time to choose the speed of his forward swing.
Andy continues to adjust his feet until he is in the perfect position

2. Recognise Andy’s shoulder rotation, which is past the midpoint (further round than his hips). This will help him maximise power and momentum as he rotates through the shot.

3. Andy’s wrist dropping below the ball into the contact point helps the racket to counter gravity and dip under the ball to impart the necessary topspin.
Andy’s feet are planted giving him a solid base

Not ice how Andy watches the ball like a hawk


4. On contact his eyes are focused on the ball, his weight is transferring forward and up through his right leg. His trunk is side on but rotating fast so it will open up as he follows through.
A main source of Andy’s power is from his glutes that power the rotation of his hips

5. Andy’s weight is now almost entirely on his front leg with the hips and shoulders fully rotated, the elbows up, his racket at head level (not lifted) and his left leg pulling forward.
Murray’s strong core gives him great posture, balance and body control

6. Andy’s weight has now shifted onto the right leg as he follows through. His shoulders are rotated, level and relaxed so he is now perfectly balanced.
Recognise Andy’s fully rotated hips that keep his upper body upright and prevent him from collapsing on the shot

● Prepare early and get your racket back quickly
● Keep your eyes on the ball at all times and stay focused on the shot
● Transfer your weight onto your front foot for optimum power

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