See how good you are compared to a pro, by following a few drills

Tactical Analysis - Drills

The following are a few drills you can do to help you find out how good you are, compared to a pro. If you can perform the following different movements and shots consistently, you are a very good player.

The On-court Session:

These are essential for every player to be able to perform.

1. Running and hitting.
2. Run, then hit on the jump (land with balance).
3. Jumping on the forehand, open stance (Generally if right-handed you push off the right leg, land left 1st then right lands; right-left-right).
4. The extra step (wide serve and passing shots/triangle)
5. Adjust where you stand to return serve. Find a position that give you the best chance of returning which can be closer or further back, more left or right.
6. Cut on the volleys. (cut means underspin so ball bounces low and control improves)

David Sammel's Coaching Philosophy In Brief

Paint the dream then leave it in the sub-conscience to do the work. The good performance coach : -

1. Has imagination and should get inside the pupil's head.

2. Thinks in pictures he/she can explain, which means teaching in powerful images and colourful stories.

3. Never gives pupils the obvious. Some of the best coaching is by brief, throw-away comments not long verbal onslaughts.

4. Should sometimes not coach, as such, but just let the pupil play. Encourage 'the beautiful game', the joy of playing tennis - it can help to keep perspective.

by David Sammel

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